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Welcome to the site that provides you information on all the countries and their cities. not only informs you about the countries and with their cities that are major tourist spots but also makes you aware of the other important facts regarding the places. Whether you want to know about the history of Egypt or the cultural heritage of India, or you want an idea about the colorful Sri Lankan festivals or the tourist attractions in Europe, the site provides you with every bit of information in a lucid way.

Detailed information on the history, geography, culture and demographics of a country or a city help us to get a clear picture of the land and its people. gives us an idea of the holidays and festivals of the different nations, thereby introducing us with the culture and heritage of the countries. If you are planning for trips to a particular country then the site will be of utmost importance for your reference. Here you can get the proper updated information on the hotels, resorts and lodges along with the highlights on the conducted tours to the different tourist spots. also gives a comprehensive picture on the shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, museums and other star attractions in the cities. You can get pertinent shopping tips along with information on the transportation facilities of those places, where you plan to make your trip by looking through the pages of All these informations are very essential for the tourist in order to get oriented for the journey. Whether you are a traveling for business or pleasure or if you are looking for information for educational purposes then also you will find to be the ideal one-stop-site for your help.
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